Your Horoscope for the Week Ahead


    Your Horoscope for the Week Ahead

    Strike up conversations that stimulate your mind with fresh ideas and perspectives. Make space to walk around a topic, prod it, look under it, so you come away feeling enriched. Rule of thumb: if in doubt ask, and catch yourself when you’ve made an assumption. Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of May 2 through to May 8, 2021.

    March 21–April 19


    This week things start to go giddy up with lots of coming and going in your life. Get out and about, chase leads, and curiosity where it takes you. Buzzy conversations with nothing off-topic will prove advantageous, so pass the talking stick and ensure everyone gets equal air time. If there’s a short how-to course on a topic that will prove helpful, this is your month to tick it off your list and put your new knowledge into action. 

    April 20–May 20


    Get your abacus out, Taurus; it’s time to count your gold sovereigns, or at least take stock of your finances. Over the next few weeks, your creative mind is focused on the practicalities of providing income sources to working with what you already have. Check into your resources and see what you may have undervalued or undercapitalized. Perhaps the market is ready for something you hadn’t thought of turning into an income stream or add on. 

    May 21–June 21


    This week, catch some pre-birthday brilliance by dialing up your usual wit and banter to make the most of your ability to captivate. Pitch your ideas, show off your intellectual capacity and connect people as only you can. From the weekend, your charm factor goes online, so let your inner goddess glow. Don’t hold back on self-expression and opportunities to pursue and progress on your direction and personal interests. 

    June 22–July 22


    Take some time out to digest and integrate ideas, conversations, and concepts you’ve had exposure to over the last few months. Quiet your mind and get in touch with the border of your thoughts and other peoples around you. Your intuitive voice, noting dreams, and understanding the symbolism is beneficial to you over the coming month so stay curious about your inner landscape. 

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