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Worst Party Ever cancel shows due to frontman’s “toxic” behaviour


Worst Party Ever, a US indie-emo band, have cancelled all future shows due to their frontman’s self-confessed “toxic” behaviour.

In a statement on social media, frontman Andy Schueneman admitted he’d shown “toxic” behaviour and went on to say: “all future tours will be cancelled and will be refunded at the point of purchase. it’s important to put mental health before everything and have accountability when you fuck up.”

In the full statement, Schueneman said: “I’m posting this to let people know of the harm that i’ve done to other people. In December I manipulated two victims, one of which was my long term partner, in an act of lies and infidelity. both victims thought they were the only person in my life and didn’t know about each other. i manipulated the situation in my [favour] by still being sexually and romantically involved with both parties, and taking advantage of their desire for love while still casually seeing other people.

“I created a very toxic environment and caused a lot of pain and trauma to both of their lives by love bombing and trying to get them to continue seeing me.”

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