WIRED Pulse: Quantum


    WIRED Pulse: Quantum

    WIRED Pulse: Quantum focuses on the impact of quantum computing on society. Designed as a special 90-minute virtual event, WIRED Pulse: Quantum features some of the exciting individuals at the forefront of the nascent technology.

    You’ll hear from tech entrepreneur and investor ‘whurley’ William Hurley, Founder & CEO, Strangeworks, an online platform making it easier to learn about and collaborate on quantum computing projects; academic and computer scientist Deborah Frincke, who specialises in computer security and is the associate laboratory director for national security sciences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ilana Wisby, Founding CEO, Oxford Quantum Circuits, which develops, manufactures, and sells the first practical quantum computers, and more.

    Join us for this live, editorially curated broadcast that gives the audience a pulse on the technology and its applications.

    Illustrations by: Linn Fritz

    Published at Mon, 19 Apr 2021 16:47:24 +0000

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