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Why you should wear sunscreen even in the fall 

Why you should wear sunscreen even in the fall 

As the weather starts cooling down in the fall, many people try to retain their tans by not wearing sunscreen.  

But there’s a harsh reality – ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin even when the sun isn’t shining as much. 

Dr. Joshua Smith, a Missouri State University expert in how UV rays affect our skin, explains the importance of taking care of your skin – no matter the season or your age. 

The risks 

There are three types of UV rays: A, B and C.  

“UV C tends to get stuck in the ozone and is not as much of a problem,” said Smith, interim department head and professor in the department of biomedical sciences. “But UV A and B can come through the clouds and UV A can sneak through the glass of your car windows.” 

UV A and B are a dangerous duo.   

“UV A is the main culprit for the aging sun exposure can cause,” Smith said. “And UV B is responsible for the skin’s change in color as it damages the cells.” 

Smith notes that shifts in skin color after being outside is not a good sign. 

“When your skin changes pigmentation after being outdoors, it’s a response of UV light damage,” he said. “If you’re properly applying sunscreen, you should not see a color change.” 

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