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When MOTÖRHEAD Held The Ultimate Contest in 1995


Like us, you probably have many questions about this Motörhead “competition” from 1995 created to help promote the band’s twelfth record, Sacrifice. Most importantly, is that year-long supply of Lemmy‘s favorite Whiskey based on Lemmy‘s yearly consumption back in 1995? If so, that’s a hell of a way to go. Even though it sounds like a dream, the top prize in the competition was a custom car dubbed “Das Motörmöbile.” The Das Motörmöbile was a black Opel Corsa, a kind of mini car produced in Germany since the early 80s. Except this one came with a professionally airbrushed design of the Warpig/Snaggletooth from the cover of Sacrifice on its little hood.

Das Motörmöbile! But wait, there’s Motörmore!

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The second and third prizes were free Motörhead tattoos. Here’s a run down of the rest of the fabulous prizes you could have won in 1995: 

  • 4th Prize: A Year’s supply (52 weeks) of Lemmy‘s favorite Whiskey
  • 5th Prize: A 1/2 year supply (26 weeks) of Lemmy‘s favorite Whiskey
  • 6th and 7th Prizes: A one-month supply (4 weeks) of Lemmy‘s favorite Whiskey
  • 8th Prize (to 100 winners!): One “usable” black Motörhead condom in a Motörhead package

All you had to know to be considered for any of the prizes was to correctly identify Lemmy‘s favorite Whiskey (Jack Daniels), and mail your answer away to an address in Hanover, Germany (along with your phone number). Sadly, we weren’t able to confirm who, if anyone, won any of these amazing prizes 27 years ago. Let’s just hope that whoever scored the car didn’t have a friend who scored a large supply of Whiskey thanks to Lemmy and Co. To help wash all that down, let’s jam along with Motörhead as they celebrate Lemmy‘s 50th birthday at the Whiskey a Go Go in 1995.  

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