'When Calls the Heart' Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot


    'When Calls the Heart' Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

    When Calls the Heart was renewed by Hallmark Channel for Season 9 the same day that the current season finale aired. Elizabeth Thatcher actor Erin Krakow broke the news to fans, and teased what was to come when the show comes back for another set of episodes.

    When will When Calls the Heart Season 9 air?

    So far all we know is that we should expect WCTH Season 9 in 2022, as confirmed in the Krakow video. An official release date, however, has not been announced.

    Ever since 2016’s Season 3, the show has aired at the end of February, so Season 9 is expected to follow suit. Based on previous years, the When Calls the Heart Season 9 release date is expected to be Sunday, February 20, 2022.

    This 2022 release date also contains some bad news for fans—if the show is not coming back until next year, that means that fans are not getting the franchise’s sixth Hallmark Christmas movie this year.

    Who is in the cast of When Calls the Heart Season 9?

    when calls the heart season 9
    ‘When Calls the Heart’ has been renewed for Season 9 by Hallmark Channel. Hallmark Channel

    WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the show

    So far, only Krakow is confirmed, but per Deadline all of the main cast members are expected to return for Season 9. This includes Jack Wagner (who plays Bill Avery), Pascale Hutton (Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter), Kavan Smith (Leland Coulter), Andrea Brooks (Faith Carter), Chris McNally (Lucas Bouchard), and Kevin McGarry (Nathan Grant).

    There is a question mark over whether one cast member will be back. The WCTH season finale saw Paul Greene’s Dr. Carson Shepherd head to Baltimore for a surgical residency at Johns Hopkins after stopping himself from asking Faith to marry him. The actor, however, has hinted that his character will be back next season.

    What will happen in When Calls the Heart Season 9?

    When Greene hinted his character will return, he also confirmed a time jump for the show when it returns to Hallmark. He told the Bubbly Sesh podcast: “A lot can happen in the off-season. There’s a big-time jump in-between seasons. Faith’s character became a doctor in the off-season. There’s so much that can happen.”

    The Carlton actor is not the only one who has been dropping hints about the plot of Season 9. After the season finale saw Elizabeth choose Lucas over Nathan, Krakow told TV Insider: “Now that the decision has been made, I think it will be really nice to see what that courtship actually looks like.”

    In a video for the Hallmark Channel, Krakow added: “It will be really nice to be able to play out some of those sweet romantic scenes and kind of watch that courtship blossom. That’s what I would say for Elizabeth.”

    In that same interview, Hutton said: “I think what we see with Rosemary in this final episode [of Season 8] is kind of this renewed excitement, renewed passion and a focus. I think she’s found a focus and she’s really excited about that. That’s going to kind of propel into hopefully Season 9.” Her onscreen husband Smith added, “We are both completely on board with wanting to expand [Lee and Rosemary’s] family in one way or another. I think it’s just been a long, ongoing question, and I think if we get the chance to go again, we’ll have some more solid answers for you on that one.”

    Is there a trailer for When Calls the Heart Season 9?

    So far, there is no promo for WCTH Season 9—unsurprisingly, as the show has not filmed those episodes yet.

    What fans do have is that video in which Krakow announces the new season. In the video, posted on the Hallmark Channel Twitter page, the actor says: “Hey Hearties, I’ve got some big news. Now I’m just as sad as you are that this season of When Calls the Heart is over, but we’ll be returning next year for another all-new season, Season 9.

    “So what’s next for Elizabeth and the rest of Hope Valley? We’ve got so many great new stories to share, and I can’t wait for you to find out.”

    If the new season follows the previous one, filming will begin in mid-summer and wrap in November, at which time fans can expect their first look at the upcoming episodes.

    When Calls the Heart Season 8 is streaming on Hallmark Movies Now.

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