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What’s AP African American Studies and Why Has Florida Banned It?


Here’s what to know about AP African American Studies and why the course has become a topic of discussion recently.

AP African American Studies. You’ve probably seen these words (or AP African American History) recently as they’ve been in headlines connected to Florida. As the first and only state (so far) to ban the course, the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Articulation and Ron DeSantis have turned AP African American Studies into an educational and political issue. But what is this course that has the same state behind the problematic Stop WOKE Act up in arms? And what does the future of the course look like as a result? Here’s everything you need to know about AP African American Studies.

So, what’s AP African American Studies?

According to the official AP African American Studies course framework available on the AP (Advanced Placement) website, the course “examines the diversity of African American experiences through direct encounters with authentic and varied sources.”

“Students explore key topics that extend from early African kingdoms to the ongoing challenges and achievements of the contemporary moment. Given the interdisciplinary character of African American studies, students in the course…

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