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We’re New Here – Modern Cosmology

We’re New Here – Modern Cosmology

Stereolab cross-pollinate with Brazilian band Mombojó to grow something new, in our JUNE 2023 issue of Uncut, available to buy here.

It’s clear from more than just their name that Modern Cosmology believe the universe has a plan for them. Full of serendipitous turns and lengthy gaps in the action, their tale begins in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, where Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier was performing a solo concert. In attendance were several members of Mombojó, an act from Recife known for playfully merging Brazilian folk, samba and psychedelia with the alt-pop sounds of their favourite UK and US bands, Stereolab in particular. “We grew up on them,” guitarist Marcelo Machado (aka Um Cara Massa) tells Uncut. “We’d been eating their sounds and textures from the time we were 15.”

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Starstruck but fuelled by liquid courage, Machado’s bandmate Felipe S passed Sadier a Mombojó CD that night. Months later, she listened to the gift and loved what she heard. As she describes it now, her Facebook message to them essentially read as follows: “If you need some backing vocals, I’m your gal.”

Mombojó’s 2014 album Alexandre included their inaugural…

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