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Watch SZA channel her inner Uma Thurman in bloody new video for ‘Kill Bill’


SZA (aka Solána Rowe) has shared a brutal new video for ‘Kill Bill’ – the fifth single pulled from her recent second album, ‘SOS’ – which shows her paying homage to the titular Tarantino slashers.

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Emulating the narratives of both Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) and Volume 2 (2004), the clip opens with Rowe having gunfire rained upon her home by a group of assassins hired by her ex. She survives, though, and promptly sets out for revenge. After honing her swordsmanship in a warehouse, she cleanly slays through the Yakuza group that attempted to murder her.

An anime sequence (inspired by a section of Volume 2) then brings Rowe face to face with her ex. Without a hint of hesitation, she tears his heart out with her bare hands, then licks it as she stares into the camera. Finally, a stinger clip shows her naked, strung up in shibari ropes, hanging from the ceiling of the warehouse she trained in.

Have a look at the clip, directed by Christian Breslauer, below:

The video for ‘Kill Bill’ was first teased at the end of last year, and marks the fifth ‘SOS’ track to be given a visual accompaniment. A clip for ‘Good Days’ arrived…

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