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Watch Paramore sing ‘Misery Business’ with nine-year-old fan

Watch Paramore sing ‘Misery Business’ with nine-year-old fan

Hayley Williams brought a nine-year-old fan onstage at a recent Paramore show. Check out footage of them both performing ‘Misery Business’ together below.

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The moment took place during Paramore’s recent show in Houston, Texas, and carried on the longtime tradition of the band inviting a special guest onstage to collaborate on their hit 2007 song.

For the show on July 11 however, the members pulled at fans’ heartstrings by choosing a nine-year-old fan called Riley to take part in the rendition, after seeing her in the audience with a sign reading “Pick me!”.

In the fan-captured footage from the moment, frontwoman Hayley Williams can be seen looking across the crowd deciding which audience member she would like to invite onstage, before pointing out a little girl stood on the balcony.

“Oh my god! You wanna come up here?” she can be heard saying to Riley, who smiles and nods at the singer. As she makes her way to the stage, Williams then instructs the crowd to “scream louder than you ever have for Paramore”, before introducing her to each of the band members. Check out fan-captured footage of the…

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