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Watch: ITZY’s Yeji, Yuna, And Chaeryeong Make SHINee’s Key Sweat In Fun Preview For “Amazing Saturday”


Get ready for ITZY’s Yeji, Yuna, and Chaeryeong to take “Amazing Saturday” by storm!

On July 9, the popular tvN variety show aired a sneak peek of its upcoming episode, which will feature the three ITZY members as guests.

The newly released preview begins with the idols dancing to a snippet of their upcoming title track “SNEAKERS,” which is due out next week. Afterwards, Yeji bonds with host Boom over one of their favorite phrases, then wows the cast with her skills during the show’s games. Meanwhile, Chaeryeong gets teased by several of the “Amazing Saturday” members for her misplaced confidence as she gets multiple answers wrong.

Yuna, on the other hand, impresses the cast with her boldness as she declares, “To me, it seemed like ‘Amazing Saturday’ is all about luck.” But after cheerfully announcing that she thinks she’ll do well, she surprises everyone by telling them with hilarious nonchalance, “To be precise… I don’t know.”

Yuna also makes everyone crack up by unexpectedly attempting to grab herself some kettle corn from the show’s famous kettle corn launcher, leading Boom to exclaim with an amused laugh, “You can’t touch the new [kettle corn]. Yuna, you’re not allowed to take the container!”

Finally, Chaeryeong challenges SHINee‘s Key by revealing, “The person I’m most threatened by today is Key.” Key jokingly responds, “There can’t be two suns in one sky.” However, he soon finds himself at risk of losing his ace title as the ITZY members show off their dancing skills and knowledge—with the “Amazing Saturday” cast playfully cheering them on.

At the end of the preview, Key hilariously exclaims, “What in the world did ITZY eat for breakfast today before coming here?!”

The ITZY members’ episode of “Amazing Saturday” will air on July 16 at 7:30 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the new preview below!

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