Wall of Fame honors the 2021 and 2020 inductees


    Wall of Fame honors the 2021 and 2020 inductees

    Collage of headshots of 2021 Wall of Fame inductees.

    Left to right: Elliott, Jungers, Moyer, Plymate and Stillwell

    Many people strive for greatness in their careers by offering incredible service, exceptional leadership, innovative ideas or reliable support. When these people retire, there are big shoes to fill.

    Former Missouri State University faculty and staff members can be selected for the Wall of Fame to remember their legacies.

    The honorees

    The Board of Governors voted yesterday (May 13) to induct five more individuals. The 2021 inductees include Dr. Anson Elliott, Mike Jungers, Dr. James Moyer, Dr. Thomas Plymate and Mark Stillwell.

    “These five people imprinted themselves on campus. For some, it was in their offices and departments. For others, it was through their contributions to committees and leadership positions,” said President Clif Smart. “Their legacies resonate loudly still.”

    This group represents 195 years of combined full-time service to Missouri State.

    A total of 124 individuals have previously been honored on the Wall of Fame. With the addition of the 2021 class, 129 have been added.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 class was not recognized in a formal ceremony. The 2020 class included Dr. Michael Carlie, Karen Horny, Paul Kincaid, Marcia Morriset, Judith Smith and the late Howard Orms.

    Both groups will be recognized this year.

    About the 2021 class

    Dr. Anson Elliott

    Dr. Anson Elliott (Jan. 9, 1978-Dec. 31, 2015) built Missouri State’s agriculture program and oversaw the acquisition of several facilities. With his humble attitude, tireless work ethic and knowledge, he earned the trust of faculty, staff, students, donors and legislators alike.

    Mike Jungers

    Mike Jungers (Aug. 4, 1976-May 31, 2015) provided steady, compassionate and fair leadership, which always centered on student success. He was responsible for revising and enforcing student disciplinary actions, but he was also a sought-after mentor for many student leaders.

    Dr. James Moyer

    Dr. James Moyer (Sept. 1, 1970-July 31, 2015) was revered. He was an accomplished Biblical scholar  who inspired colleagues. Moreover, he was a devoted professor who sparked students to do their best work, and a trusted advisor for students who needed additional guidance and support.

    Dr. Thomas Plymate

    Dr. Thomas Plymate (Aug. 14, 1978-July 31, 2015) mentored students and faculty alike, and always made geology fun and tangible. As a servant leader, he built lifelong relationships and inspired gifts to the university, which led to scholarships and new instruments.

    Mark Stillwell

    Mark Stillwell (March 1, 1972-Dec. 31, 2008) served his nation, community and university.  He received numerous accolades for his acumen of telling the stories of student athletes and sports programs. During his tenure, he also participated in the planning for six campus athletics facilities.

    The induction ceremony

    The 2020 and 2021 honorees will have their plaques added to the wall outside of the Plaster Student Union Ballroom during a formal ceremony during Homecoming.

    The ceremony is free and open to the public.

    Selection criteria

    In addition to nominations from current or past members of the campus community, the former faculty or staff member must have:

    • Significantly contributed to the success and positive collegiate experience of students.
    • Worked full time at Missouri State for at least 10 years.
    • Stopped working full time at MSU for the past five years.

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