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‘Voice’ Coach Won’t Turn Chair If Someone Covers His Song – Billboard


Gwen Stefani stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night (Sept. 8) to dish on her upcoming return to The Voice.

During the chat, host Seth Meyers asked the singer if she’s a fan of hearing her own songs covered during the blind auditions. And while the six-time coach admitted she does “get really excited” when it happens, she confessed one of her famous co-stars tends to have quite the opposite reaction.

“John Legend is known to not press his button if someone does one of his songs,” she said. “And we’re just kind of like, ‘John! You have to press your button, they’re doing your song!’ I guess he gets very scientific about it and he just gets overwhelmed, but people have done mine. I can’t say when ’cause this hasn’t [aired] yet. But I know one season somebody did ‘Cool’ and I wasn’t on that season, and Blake [Shelton] was like, ‘Oh my god, they did your song!’ It was a totally weird version of it. It’s awesome! … It’s very flattering, and it’s incredible.”



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In fact, season 22 will be Stefani’s first time back in her chair since taking home her very first win in season 19 with 15-year-old pop sensation Carter Rubin. This time around she, Shelton and Legend will be joined by newcomer Camila Cabello as the fourth coach.

The No Doubt frontwoman also plugged her new makeup line, GXVE by Gwen Stefani, and the community of makeup artists she’s building with the launch.

“I felt like there was a really big community out there already of people that are makeup fanatics like I am,” she explained. “So I started the line. But I wanted it be not just about the makeup, but also about the community. And giving people a chance to be part of something that I’ve done. Like, literally they can sell the makeup and make money off of the collection that they get … You can do it from home, and you can build up your followers, you can have your own platform, you can share the makeup. They’re already doing it, but it’s making a place for them to all come together.”

Watch Stefani’s full Late Night interview below.

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