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Uncut – April 2023



Led Zeppelin, David Crosby, Nina Simone, Paul Weller, Mark Eitzel, The RochesFaust, Jane Horn, Jeff Beck, Andrew Waslyk and Chuck D all feature in the new Uncut, dated March 2023 and in UK shops from January 12 or available to buy online now. This issue comes with an exclusive free 15-track CD of the month’s best new music.

LED ZEPPELIN: Heavy band, heavy year. By 1973, Led Zeppelin were on their way to becoming the biggest rock’n’roll band in the world. Embarking on an American tour to promote their new album Houses Of The Holy, they shattered box office records, rewriting the blueprint for rock’n’roll tours as they went. Peter Watts climbs aboard the Starship to hear tales of glorious, transcendent music – but also unsolved robberies, giant mirrorballs, cake fights during John Bonham’s 25th birthday party and motorbike rides down hotel corridors. “As the venues got bigger, they got better,” recalls one confidant. “They blasted you into the middle of next week.”

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