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Top 10 Must-See Sets at Ultra Music Festival


Is it pretentious to have a headline like that? (Short answer: Yes, Long answer: ……still yes) How can we possibly say that we know what the top 10 must-see artists, DJs and bands? Why not make a top 10 list after the festival where you can compare and contrast the different sets? (Don’t worry, we will.) It can be sometimes difficult to articulate feelings of your favorite something that you want to categorize and express yourself. It can be even harder to predict what’s going to be the set that you’re going to be blasting in the car on the way to the gym through the Soundcloud widget on 1001tracklist.com two months from now.

But that’s what makes it fun, right? Tossing our opinions like hats to a ring creates such an excellent environment to placate on seemingly subjective topics. Beyond just saying, “Oh yeah, I like <insert artist name here> too,” the discourse on something like this can lead to a deeper sense of understanding and at the very least an amusing exercise in debate. This list, for example, is going to dive deeper into the music festival experience and compare the festival’s history to the artists picking up the torch and even returning to those iconic stages. It’s a list that’s going through the lineup…

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