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Top 10 ASTRO Rocky’s Most Liked Instagram Pictures


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ASTRO’s Rocky is one of the most followed Instagram idols today and it is no surprise as his feed is filled with a variety of pictures and styles that suit the taste of everyone. With handsome visuals that make the heart of everyone beat faster in sheer admiration for his beauty, he doesn’t just rest on his visuals alone as his Instagram is flooded with interesting pictures that capture his intimate moments, moments he gladly shares with his adoring fans.

Serving the best boyfriend material vibes in one, looking like a fashion model in another, or just being his adorable self in the next one, his pictures and his all-around aesthetic are one of the best we have seen on Instagram so far. In every picture he shares, you can almost feel the bright and enchanting energy that he radiates. His cheerful personality and positivity are some of the focal points of his many charms and they can be felt so vividly through every moment he is on our screens, even in still moments like a picture. Charming traits that lead you to subconsciously heart them.

With each update that gets thousands of likes, here are his top 10 most-liked Instagram pictures so far. Based on the data retrieved on the 20th of May 2022.


1. Nightime Rocky

With no makeup on, Rocky looks handsome as ever and this speaks so much to the statement that he is one of the most handsome idols today.


2. “Orange is the new Rocky”

Orange is a very hard hair color to pull off but for Rocky, this looks so effortless, as he simply looks pretty in this hairstyle.


3. The “Oh Hey!” and “I seem to have forgotten something” poses

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how good he looks in this simple and comfy outfit. We do wonder what he has in the bag though? Treats for us, we hope.


4. A man with a hat

There are simply no words to describe these pictures. All we can say is keep scrolling and let your mind run wild.


5. A baby came out to play at night

Barefaced Rocky will always leave us speechless as we simply cannot fathom his beauty. And showing off his adorable nature, it is a double kill for us, as we are simply floored by his charms.


6. A happy Rocky

This right here is one of the many reasons why fans gravitate so easily to him. His infectious smile.


7. The boyfriend material

Rocky looks like the ideal type and the man of everyone’s dreams in this picture.


8. A bucket hat cannot hide your handsome face, sir!

It seems nighttime is when Rocky likes to come out to play as most of his updates are often in the evening. Dressed in this cool and chic outfit, even though the pictures are blurry, he still looks very swoon-worthy.


9. The “No Parking”

Someone call the police cause we are about to break a rule! Rocky standing there looking nerdy in glasses is enough reason to break any and every kind of rule.


10. The rough pigtails

Show this to your hairstylist as this is the way you are meant to do pigtails. Even in a messy hairdo he still looks as precious as ever.

Which of these Rocky pictures is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. Not following him yet? Don’t miss out on adorable pictures like these by simply following him on Instagram.


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