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Tommy Ashby Releases Lead Track Running From Debut Album Lamplighter


Following on from his 2021 and 2022 EP and Single releases, Tommy Ashby releases his first full-length album Lamplighter today, and with it, the lead track, Running. The album includes previous hit singles including When Love Goes Dark, Beautiful Day and Closer.

Tommy discusses the inspiration behind his new project, “this album is a sincere and touching meditation on relationships; familial and friendships, the romantic and the unspoken. Capturing snapshots of people, places and moments in time, the work beautifully illustrates the effect that a person can have on your life and reflects on how the important relationships in our lives shape us; It depicts all the people who were lamplighters in my life”.

A slight departure from much of his previous work, the lead single Running bursts out of the starting gates with a driving tempo that is a clear homage to the title and content of the track, a synergy that’s almost effective enough to make me take to the streets myself.

There’s a warmth to this song but through the instrumentation, it’s the warmth of the morning sunlight on a crisp day. If I were to find myself running (on an occasion that wasn’t to catch a bus or for last orders at the…

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