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Thomas Bangalter “relieved” over way Daft Punk ended

Thomas Bangalter “relieved” over way Daft Punk ended

Thomas Bangalter – one half of Daft Punk – has revealed that he was “relieved” over the way that the band ended.

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The musician, who founded the French electronic duo with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo,  was speaking as part of a new interview when he reflected upon his time in the group, and recalled his feelings towards calling it quits back in 2021.

In the discussion with BBC Radio 6 Music, Bangalter explained that it “felt good” to draw the project to a close and was sometimes left surprised by how long Daft Punk continued to make music, following their 1997 debut album, ‘Homework’.

“The question I ask more myself is why we did end it rather than how it could last for so long,” he said after he was asked why they decided to part ways. “It’s a lot like a story or mini saga – sometimes there’s a TV show that has a special place in people’s hearts and it keeps that place, and it runs for one, two, three, four, five, sometimes 10 seasons.

“There’s a moment where it ends and I think it’s actually interesting to have this opportunity to start, have the middle and to end it… [I was]…

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