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“They were not your usual kind of hippie musicians”


In the May 2023 issue of Uncut – in shops now or available to order online by clicking here – you can see some exclusive, unseen Elliott Landy photos of The Band from across his various sessions with the group as they fashioned their unique and influential sound up in Woodstock at the tail-end of the 1960s. The pictures are taken from Landy’s forthcoming second volume of The Band Photographs 1968-69; you can sign up for the Kickstarter campaign or pre-order the book here.

You’ll have to buy the magazine to see all the pictures, but here’s a longer version of our interview with Elliott about the new book.

Was there a particular discovery that prompted you to put together a second volume of Band photographs?
One day I was looking through the boxes of seconds from the selections we made for the first book, and I saw so many pictures in there that I couldn’t believe were not in the first book, because they were so fabulous. They were some of my favorite photographs. I said, ‘Wow, why didn’t we use this one, or this one?’ Of course the reason was that we had 160 pages, and I like full-page photographs. So we didn’t really have room for as many photographs in the first book as deserved to be in there.


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