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These 20 K-Pop Idols Have The Prettiest And Most Unique Signatures, According To Fans


It’s always exciting to get something signed by your favorite K-Pop idol, even if their signature seems to be nothing but a consistent scribble. However, there are some idols who have such creative and unique signatures that can be even more highly coveted than others! Recently on Reddit, a post was made for K-Pop fans to share which idols they think have the prettiest or most unique signatures, and there were several examples given. Here are 20 of the most-loved K-Pop idol signatures out there!

1. San (ATEEZ)

San’s name means “mountain” in Korean, so he always incorporates twin peaks with a sun in his highly recognizable signature!

2. Jisung (NCT)


Jisung has gone through various changes with his signature over the years, but this clever dinosaur one is definitely a favorite!

3. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

3 (37)

Since Seulgi’s representative animal is a bear, she has an adorable bear face included with her signature.

4. Momo (TWICE)

4 (27)

Momo’s adorable signature with a character with heart-shaped ears/hair buns is just as sweet as she is!

5. YoonA (Girls’ Generation)


YoonA is one of a couple of idols that cleverly includes a star in her signature.

6. Sungchan (NCT)


While Sungchan’s signature may look like just a random cute…

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