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The Top Seven Pharrell Williams Fashion Moments

The Top Seven Pharrell Williams Fashion Moments

From his early beginnings with Billionaire Boys Club and A Bathing Ape to his haute couture collaborations with Chanel and Tiffany and Co., these are the top seven Pharrell Williams fashion moments.

When it was announced that Pharrell Williams was appointed as Creative Director of Mens’ Louis Vuitton, it was met with conflicted opinions from various sides. While streetwear enthusiasts and longtime supporters of the artist saw the decision as a smart business move, many in the fashion industry saw it as the luxury house’s way of using yet another big name with no prior fashion experience or background to garner massive attention from Pharrell’s fans and admirers. 

Pharrell’s appeal in the world of hip-hop and popular culture has merged with his influence on  fashion, which can be seen in rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and Tyler, The Creator. Even Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton predecessor, the late Virgil Abloh, spoke often of Pharrell’s role in bringing together hip-hop and fashion, allowing more Black artists to create a space for themselves in an industry that continues to shut them (and other Black creatives) out. 

The start of Pharrell’s ascent into fashion icon status began with his…

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