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The Mars Volta Announce Acoustic Editon Of ‘Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon’ For April 2023 Release


September 2022 The Mars Volta released their self-titled album Qué Dios Te Maldiga Mí Corazón. This year they released the acoustic version of the track, track list will be viewed below. A small preview of one of their acoustic versions, Blank Condolences, can be streamed below.

According to Consequence Sound, “Qué Dios Te Maldiga Mí Corazón aims to be less of a ‘stripped-down’ record and more of a way to pay homage to the band’s traditional Latin influences.”

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez talks about the excitement he had while making this album. He talked about how this is the true beginning of The Mars Volta.

In an interview Lopez said, “we’ve finally stripped everything away and arrived at what the whole concept was at the beginning. And this acoustic version comes from a profound place, with its own meaning and philosophy, and its own reason for being.”

This should be a memorable album, that will show fans the new The Mars Volta.

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Qué Dios Te Maldiga Mí Corazón Tracklist:
01. Blacklight Shine (Acoustic)
02. Graveyard Love (Acoustic)
03. Shore Story (Acoustic)
04. Blank Condolences (Acoustic)
05. Vigil (Acoustic)
06. Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon (Acoustic)

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