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THE HU Reveal “This Is Mongol (Warriors Remix) Featuring William DuVall Of Alice In Chains


THE HU have just released a remix of one of their songs featuring William Duvall of Alice in Chains. The song is called This is Mongol (Warrior Souls), Duvall leads the song with his vocals and the band backs him up creating such a perfect blend of the two.

THE HU loved working with Duvall just as much as Duvall loved working with them. According to a press release, tovshuur player and backing vocalist, Temka said, “He’s not only an amazing vocalist but also has unique rhythm and technique to his performance, and his style matches our energy and our throat singing.”

The music video for this song was very powerful and beautiful with the colors that were placed in it. It starts off just like a movie showing the title and director, it then jumps to the band and Duvall in the desert mountains.

Once THE HU’s start to sing their verse the colors change to purple and blue but when Duvall sings it goes back to a sandy yellow. It was a very unique thing to see and it something to keep the audience focused on the screen.

THE HU is going on a summer tour, to view the tour dates look below. To watch the music video stream below.

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