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THE BOYZ Fans Call Out The Company For Discrimination And Mistreatment Against Korean Fans


THE BOYZ is currently on their world tour for THE B-ZONE. As they travel various countries, some of their domestic fans from South Korea took the opportunity to travel as well. These fans specially made the effort to travel to other nations just to see the boys in action. However, discriminatory treatment from THE BOYZ’s management caused an uproar.

THE BOYZ on their world tour. | @we_the_boyz/Twitter

Many Korean fans of THE BOYZ took to Twitter to voice their concerns. They claimed that the management was strict with Korean fans specifically, with some of the treatment bordering on harassment. Fans complained that the management demanded Korean fans only to keep electronics in their bags before allowing them to board, as well as ordered their bodies to be searched.

#THEBOYZ #CREKER They did that in Jakarta as well, going after the Koreans only like they were chasing rats. Is it a crime to go see a concert overseas from Korea? F*ck then they should’ve put up a notice to tell Korean fans not to come. They spent the entire concert hovering near the Korean fans they recognized and shone flashlights and lasers at us. It’s enough to have just searched us during the check so why were they being like that?

— Korean fan

#THEBOYZ #CREKER That one male Korean staff who stood next to the entrance line for the Manila fan concert and ordered body searches to be conducted strictly only for the Korean fans, telling [the staff] to touch our chests, between our legs and to spread our legs wider as he sipped his drink. Don’t you know what generation it is? What’s with the sexual harassment? LOL are you crazy? Just because we can’t report you because we’re overseas?

— Korean fan

Fans claimed that the staff instructed the Delta Airways staff to force Korean fans to comply before letting them board.

Even on the plane LOL They made only the Korean fans keep their phones in their bags or they said they wouldn’t let us on. They said they wouldn’t let us board so the Delta staff checked that the Korean fans kept their phones in their bags before bringing us on board as a group.

— Korean fan

On the other hand, Korean fans pointed out that international fans who had followed THE BOYZ to the United States had their phones out without issue, and even managed to take photos of the boys to and from the plane.

Fans also claimed that the staff took photos of the Korean fans without permission just so that they could get familiar with the faces of the Korean fans. Although Korean fans acknowledge that staff could have been strict on Korean fans to prevent sasaengs from following the boys to overseas schedules, they question why other Korean fans have to be discriminated against even when they abide by the rules.

Cre.Ker Entertainment have yet to respond to the issue.

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