The best iPhone 12 cases you can buy right now


    The best iPhone 12 cases you can buy right now

    Available for: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max | Colours: Black, Sage, Rose, Indigo | Works with MagSafe: No

    The Clic Canvas case (£25) comes from Native Union – a brand that specialises in adding a touch of homely style to device accessories rather than just bland old plastic. This case does just that.

    You get a strong range of colours, all standing out in their own way – with the section of canvas covering much of the back and offering a slightly different shade to the rest of the case. The result is a delightful two-tone design. The canvas makes this case particularly comfy to hold, while its thin footprint means it isn’t bulking up your iPhone 12 all that much.

    Good looks are the main appeal of the Clic Canvas case, with practically a bit further down the list. The Native Union website says “compatible with … MagSafe charging,” and this specific wording is necessary as most MagSafe accessories won’t securely hold to this case. A MagSafe charger can be used but it will also come off with little force. The canvas can get dirty fairly easily to – say a few weeks of use – so you’ll have to clean it regularly to keep it looking good. Here’s Native Union’s guidance on that.

    Pros: An unique two-tone look; comfortable to hold; works with standard wireless charging
    Cons: Not compatible with most MagSafe accessories; gets dirty rather easily

    Price: £25 | Check price on Amazon | Native Union

    Pipetto Origami Snap Case

    A unique design and a useful stand

    Available for: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini | Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Dusty Pink | Works with MagSafe: No

    The Pipetto Origami Snap case (£30) is one of the more unique cases on this list – blending the handy functionality of a stand into the overall design of the phone. For those who like the idea of a stand but don’t want a bit of plastic just wedged into a thicker case, this is a clever and stylish solution.

    At first glance, the Pipetto case looks like a fairly unremarkable accessory, with translucent plastic sides and a simple geometric design on the back. However, look closer and you’ll see that towards the bottom of the case it can be lifted up. You can then simply raise up the whole flap and it will clasp together to form a stand, which can be used for resting your iPhone in landscape or portrait. It’s a neat solution and doesn’t look awkward when you aren’t using it – gripping tight to the device when flat.

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