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Tequila’s reputational transformation is driven by design


Tequila’s reputational transformation is driven by style

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Three brand-new brand names are utilizing stylish product packaging style and premium agave to undo tequila and mezcal’s party spirit track record

Gone are the days when an order of tequila implied the night was about to take a various (potentially debaucherous) turn. A brand-new breed of tequila and mezcal brands are purchasing smooth packaging and quality agave, changing the liquors’ reputation from the beverage of the decadent to the drink of the debonaire. Savour, don’t shot, what they have to provide here.

OAX Original mezcal

Photography by Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper *; Interiors by Olly Mason; Styling by Melina Keays. As originally included in the June 2021 issue of Wallpaper *, offered to download

OAX’s sculptural mezcal bottles make certain to be the standouts of any drinks table. The ceramic bottles are developed by Brooklyn-based Bardo Industries, who were motivated by monolithic architecture of pre-Hispanic Mexico and the Modernist design of later innovators like Luis Barragán.

The mezcal itself is made from wild, single-origin foraged agave ranging from 12 to 25-years-old. All of the mezcal’s three flavours, Arroqueño (woody with hints of sweet coffee), Tobalá (with flower and organic hints), and Tepeztate (an intense, smoky citrus) are produced in limited quantities of about 900 bottles each.

Solento tequila

Solento is a brand-new tequila created to drunk and savoured, rather than mixed or taken as a shot. The brand uses three distinct flavours: Solento Añejo, with rich maple and toasted hazelnut undertones, Solento Reposado, with sweet caramel and ginger, and Solento Blanco, a light vanilla and lemon bloom flavor.

The bottle’s elegant design is influenced by males’s perfume bottles and features curved ribbed glass suggested to refract rays of the sun. Even much better, the glass is 100 percent recycled and identified utilizing FSC accredited recycled paper with 100 percent recycled cardboard for shipping.

Volcan de mi Tierra tequila

A volcano named Tequila erupted in the Jalisco region of Mexico 200,000 years earlier, producing the perfect conditions for the development of blue agave. For its first foray into tequila, high-end liquor supplier Clos19 is returning to the origins of agave and gathering the plant that still grows at the base of Tequila Volcano.

The outcome is Volcan de mi Tierra tequila, a distinct mix of the alcohol that includes natural, citrus, spicy and floral notes for an unique taste. Unlike numerous other brands which utilize commercial aspect methods, Volcan de mi Tierra’s small Mexico-Based group use standard extraction approaches to get an unique quality of tequila.

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