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SZA denies rumours of Taylor Swift feud: “I don’t have beef [with] ANYONE.”


SZA has denied rumours that she is feuding with Taylor Swift.

The two singers both released commercially and critically successful albums in the back end of 2022, the former with ‘SOS’ and the latter with ‘Midnights’. Both records have been battling for the top spot on the Billboard 200, with ‘SOS’ clinging on to Number One for three consecutive weeks.

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The chart battle sparked rumours that the two artists could be feuding behind the scenes, but SZA was quick to clarify that this wasn’t the case.

“Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but i see supporters arguing and I hate that . I don’t have beef w ANYONE especially not Taylor lmao I genuinely loved her album and the writing!” SZA tweeted. “Everyone’s jus tryna do their BEST as we all should . LOVE TO EVERYONE. Gn”

The artist recently opened up in a new interview with People about

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