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‘Superstore’ actress claps back at trolls critical of her remarkable weight loss


Oh, how hindsight is 20/20. 

On Thursday’s episode of the “The Kardashians,” Khloé Kardashian spoke happily about how she and Tristan Thompson had reconciled, even praising the NBA player about the “effort” he was putting into making their relationship work.

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It’s believed the episode was filmed in October 2021, two months before it was revealed that Tristan fathered a child with fitness model Maralee Nichols. The date of conception was during the time he and Khloe were officially back together. 

“Well we know how this aged #TheKardashians 🙄,” Khloe live-tweeted during the episode.

Khloe’s tweet came while saying on the reality TV show that she was “hopeful” about life with Tristan.

“When we broke up, I learned how well him and I got along and what good friends we are and what good partners we are,” she said, “and I have a lot of hope and faith and optimism for our future together.”

Soon, that would all blow up after Maralee’s pregnancy was reported. Of course, Khloe has been a bit of an apologist for Tristan, despite his repeated unfaithfulness to her. 


Back in 2018, just two days before Khloe gave birth to she and Tristan’s daughter True, videos emerged of him cheating on the reality TV star with several women. In the following days, he was then linked to even more women.

Khloe stayed with him through all the allegations and videos.

Then, in 2019, he was again accused of cheating on Khloe, this time with Kylie Jenner’s then-BFF Jordyn Woods. In the fallout, Khloe split with her beau but blamed Jordyn for the alleged hookup, which also resulted her Kylie removing her longtime pal from her life. Khloe flat out said Jordyn — not Tristan — was the reason for the family fracture. 

Fans, though, turned on Khloe and ripped her for backing the Chicago Bulls player. Soon after, she changed her tune. Almost immediately, Tristan tried winning Khloe back and he often left flirty comments on her Instagram. As time went on, a reconciliation seemed imminent. In 2020, the duo officially reconciled and Khloe tweeted that the entire Jordyn-Tristan incident was “hearsay.”

Then, in 2021, an Instagram model said she was intimate with Tristan, too, but claimed he told her that he was single at the time. 

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