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Stereolab in Austin, Texas next September 9th


Stereolab in Austin, Texas next September 9th

Stereolab was formed in London in 1990. The founders of Stereolab are Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier. Gane met Sadier, at a 1988 McCarthy concert in Paris and the two quickly fell in love. Sadier had a passion for music and was not happy with the rock scene in France which make her decide that moving to London to pursue her career, and being with Gane was a good idea so that’s what she did.  

The band is unique because their songs include two languages; English and french. The band is a peculiar brand and it can be considered esoteric. This group plays music that is hard to categorize and box but they are influenced by pop music, lunge, krautrock, and more. Stereolab is considered to be one of the most innovative and influential groups of the 1990s.

This band is creative and enjoys having a peculiar style. The band’s “Cliff” logo that appeared in early releases was taken from the 1970 comic strip “Der Tödliche Finger” by Anton Holtz Portmann. Which is cool looking, a unique concept.

During an interview Gane and Saider have shared their philosophy on creating music, and Gane said that “to be unique was more important than to be good.” This is proof that they are aiming to be different and unique.

Location: Austin City Limits at the Moody Theater

Address:  310 Willie Nelson Blvd Austin, TX 78701

Dates: September 9th

Ticket Price: $45+

Age: All Ages



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