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Southside Speaks Out After Son’s Exchange With ‘Racist’ Teacher

Southside Speaks Out After Son’s Exchange With ‘Racist’ Teacher

808Mafia producer Southside isn’t happy after an exchange his son had with a school teacher went viral for the message the educator promoted to the class.

The super producer shared his thoughts on the video that’s been floating around of a white male teacher telling his son that his race is superior to others. The disturbing video did not leave a good impression on Southside, who berated the teacher in the caption of his post sharing the footage of the conversation.

“Every one knows my son @babysizzle808 I’m raising him to be strong and to voice his opinion no matter what,” Southside wrote in his caption. “He called me the other day and said dad I have a c im trying to get my grade up but my teacher is a racists I thought he was trying to say because of his grade so today he sends me these videos this man told my child his race is superior.”

He continued: “I don’t understand how we’re still in a world where I kno I am probably more intelligent I have accomplished way more in life than this guy legally my son Wants a education and he is being denied that this shit is sad this is in Austin Texas this hurts my heart to see this I’m so angry I’m loss for words but I will stand up for my child and the other black and Spanish kings and queens in this video.”

The video shows Southside’s son and his classmates having a conversation with the teacher they claim is racist. The boy accuses the teacher of treating him differently than other students in the class, which leads the adult to admit he’s “ethnocentric” and believes his race is much superior to others.

The video angered several of Southside’s peers, including Doe Boy who wrote, “I ain’t gone Bap We need to go up there…..,” and G Herbo who said, “This shit is krazy twin wtf.”

BIA also commented: “Man this is crazy !!!! I’m so angry listening to this nonsense smh.”

The controversial clip is just the latest video that finds rappers dealing with race relations and profiling in their communities. Gillie Da Kid recently videotaped himself being racially profiled by a TSA agent at a Texas airport.

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Video of the exchange shows the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast co-host trading heated words with a TSA agent donning a cowboy hat and accused him of smelling like marijuana.