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Song of the Day from O Deer – Waterside


Anyone that listened to our latest mix, KLOF No. 16, will have heard Waterside, the new single from O Deer, the musical project of Oisín Walsh-Peelo.

Now based in West Cork, Oisín has travelled extensively with his music. As a session musician (piano, guitars, harp, low-whistles and vocalist), he has played throughout the USA, Europe, Ireland, and the UK. He has toured worldwide with a wide range of artists and bands, including Hudson Taylor, Gabrielle Aplin, Hannah-Grace, Villagers, Sun Collective, and I Have a Tribe.

Waterside flows in like a soft murmur, a tinkling piano accompanied by a field recording of bird calls recorded in the Devil’s Glen in Wicklow before the arrival of open-string guitars. While its ambient minimalism may call to mind the likes of Sufjan Stevens, there is also something distinctly Irish in this contemporary sound, accentuated mid-way through by low-whistle. It’s also something of a shapeshifter, able to straddle genres and not sound out of place, as I found when putting the latest KLOF mix together.

Speaking of the single, Walsh-Peelo says:

“This song means a lot to me. It was written in a time just before the pandemic when there was a lot of change going on in my life. Waterside a short reflection of the state of the outer vs. the inner world: our natural environment vs. our mental and emotional one. It’s strange to me that we witness the beauty and wonder of our natural world on a daily basis, yet so often allow it to pass us by unacknowledged – It’s the same in relationships as well. This song tries to articulate that in some way. It’s really a reminder to myself to not take anything for granted.”

Waterside is also our Song of the Day. Watch the accompanying video recorded live in the Cottage at Camus Farm, West Cork.

Video by Adrian O’Connell (Itchyfeet Creative) and audio recorded and mixed by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo. It features:

Oisín Walsh-Peelo – Piano/Wurly/Vocals/Harmonica/Fx

Caimin Gilmore – Double Bass and Backing Vocals

Josh Samson – Drums

Jim Murray – Guitar

‘Waterside’ is available to stream/buy now on Bandcamp: 

Streaming services: 


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