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SEVENTEEN’s “Be The Sun” Tour Translator Spills On The Members’ True Personalities


SEVENTEEN recently wrapped up the North American leg of their 2022 SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR ‘BE THE SUN.’

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

The members made many new great memories together, but not alone and not only with CARATs. The entire crew, including security, stylists, technicians, and a translator, helped make the tour a reality.

Now, the great translator for the North American leg has shared her reflection on the experience via Instagram.

Translator Minyoung Melody Kim began the post by remembering when she first found out that she got the job.

SEVENTEEN 💎CARAT 짝!짝! BE THE SUN 🙆🏻‍♀️ hehe @saythename_17
Feels like yesterday I got a call to be a show/artist translator and now 12 shows are complete …
It definitely wasn’t easy but the amazing & lovely people I was with made this SO fun and worthwhile.

— Minyoung Melody Kim

Minyoung Melody Kim | @minyoungmelodykim/Instagram

Minyoung Melody Kim gave many shout-outs to fellow staff working the tour, from managers to security. Everyone not only had a strong work ethic but was nice too.

Thank you our US tour managing team.
@backstagepapi @kaylawagner @heathertaekman + Alexis
You are heroes & none of this would be possible without your hard work & sacrifice. I learned so much from you guys & strive to be as professional & funny 😂as you all. ❤️you 😗 . …Thank you our hilarious, not-scary-at-all Security team 😎 finding out your true, sweet personalities was the biggest plot twist HAHA.
It’s the most physically tiring, stressful job, yet you all executed it perfectly. Thank you for always making me laugh 😂 & looking after me. (Please accept my application to be on your team.. I think I can totally do it.)

— Minyoung Melody Kim

| @minyoungmelodykim/Instagram

Of course, Minyoung Melody Kim also got to know firsthand what SEVENTEEN are really like in person. She revealed that their personalities are just like what CARATs expect them to be. They are both funny and sweet!

Thank you SEVENTEEN members for being the kindest, sweetest, funniest bunch of people. Never seen such a humble, genuine, down to earth group that’s appreciative of even the smallest things.

— Minyoung Melody Kim

| @minyoungmelodykim/Instagram

She wished for the group’s success, knowing how much they deserve it. If she was not already, working for them certainly made her a CARAT!

You all deserve every ounce of success but even more than that, my biggest wish is for you guys to be happy & healthy. I believe good people attract good people, so no wonder your team/staff is filled with such wonderful people. Like I told you guys in person, next time I want to go to your concert as an AUDIENCE 😂

— Minyoung Melody Kim

| @minyoungmelodykim/Instagram

But Minyoung Melody Kim did add that translating for SEVENTEEN was not the easiest job… Because they are all so chaotic! Still, she had a great time.

Translating for such a chaotic 😂 group was difficult HAHAHA but I loved it!

— Minyoung Melody Kim

SEVENTEEN are no different onscreen, on stage, and in person!

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Check out Minyoung Melody Kim’s full post below.

Source: minyoungmelodykim

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