Home News Seether Unveils Dark New Music Video for “What Would You Do?”

Seether Unveils Dark New Music Video for “What Would You Do?”


Seether Unveils Dark New Music Video for “What Would You Do?”


Seether recently revealed their new deluxe edition of the 2020 album Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. Known for their horror-film exibitionism, “Morgan stated about the brand-new track “Leech”: “This song is a generalized reflection on abusive relationships and how they shape the way we see the world. Those are most often personal, but more often these days they are social. There is so much digital noise surrounding us all that we choose to ignore, at the peril of our kids and our collective wellbeing. We are slaves to smart phones and the absolute cancer that is social media, and it will not end well. Different viewpoints that stray from the echo chambers that people choose to live in result in public crucifixion and irrational hatred that is driven by a powerful propaganda force that spoonfeeds our opinions to us.” (blabbermouth

As spoken by the band members, this song is a warning call for people to turn off their digital addiction. In the current era, we have most definitely entered a stage of the digital age in which things can even become owned and permanent forever. Leaving even more people glued to their screens and escapism from reality. With less attention paid to the real world, there are loopholes in security, downgrade of welfare and loss of real human connection. 


With their continuous devoted fan base and acclaimed sale charts, there is no doubt that this will be yet another masterpiece marked down in the music industry: “​​Since forming in Pretoria, South Africa in 1999, SEETHER (Morgan, Dale Stewart, John Humphrey and Corey Lowery) has amassed a global, devoted fan base with an unbroken sense of purpose and commitment. Their impressive sales and chart history includes three platinum and two gold albums, 18 No. 1 singles, 21 Top 5 multi-format hits, single sales topping 17 million and over two billion streams worldwide across all platforms. SEETHER is Billboard’s No. 8 all-time mainstream rock artist, which covers the over 40-year history of the chart’s existence.” (blabbermouth


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