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Second-Generation Idol Goes Viral After Admitting The Worst Thing He’s Heard From A Partner After Having Sex


Singer ABLE (formerly known as Jang Hyunseung) is garnering attention for his NSFW remark.

ABLE (formerly known as Jang Hyunseung) |

Recently the idol appeared in a YouTube video alongside rapper Swings to talk about how he has been doing. The former BEAST and Trouble Maker member who joined Swings’ Mine Field label last November spoke candidly about what has changed for him since signing with the label.

Swings (third from left) Kaogaii (fourth from left) | @kaogaiiwtf/YouTube

My happiness level has increased. I am so happy with this situation since I can make music as an individual. My happiness level is higher now, but I made more money then.


ABLE then spoke on what had led him to sign with Swings’ imprint. According to the idol, he was the one who first reached out to Swings.

| @kaogaiiwtf/YouTube

I texted Swings hyung first. Hyung talks about self-worth on social media a lot. I thought it was so cool. Rather than a rapper, I thought he was a cool person and have always respected him. I just followed my heart and wound up here.


The guests then spoke about relationships. When asked when he has been most proud of a past partner, ABLE shocked the other guests with his answer.


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