Home Artist Season 2, Episode 5: Phil Lesh & Phriends Retrospective

Season 2, Episode 5: Phil Lesh & Phriends Retrospective

Season 2, Episode 5: Phil Lesh & Phriends Retrospective

The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media network, takes a look back at the Phil Lesh & Phriends concerts featuring Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell of Phish that were held back in April 1999. Narrated by JamBase’s Andy Kahn, the episode is the first to present a new format exploring seminal moments in the history of the jam scene.

The long strange trajectories of the Grateful Dead and Phish have been intertwined for 40 years. When Phish formed in 1983, the Grateful Dead were a touring juggernaut – though still years away from mainstream popularity that came with their lone hit, if you can call it that, “Touch Of Grey.” By the mid-1990s, Phish and the Dead were among the top touring acts going, with similar rabid fan bases that followed each band from city to city to see them play night in and night out.

The episode explores the early connection between the Grateful Dead and Phish, as well as the latter’s attempt to distance themselves from the former, despite the undoubtedly strong influence. Phish would eventually come around to embrace the Dead and the focus of the episode is on the moment in April when 1999 members of the two bands shared the stage together for the first time, performing each…

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