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Sarina’s New Single Sometimes I Wanna Cry Is An Emo Punk Rock Anthem


Sometimes I Wanna Cry is the latest track from Sarina, and it’s sure to become an anthem for the misfits. The emo-punk-rock song matches her passionate vocals with energetic instrumentals, creating an uplifting and powerful mix that will stick in your head for days. Through her lyrics, Sarina examines a multitude of difficult emotions in a way that feels both vulnerable and brave.

Sometimes I wanna cry
Sometimes I wanna die
Sometimes I feel empty inside
Some days don’t leave the bed
The thoughts inside my head
Get louder every second and I
Sometimes I wanna cry

Sarina is clearly an artist with a message and an undeniably unique sound. She utilizes her talents as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer to create music that makes an impact.

Sometimes I Wanna Cry 🙁 is an honest reminder that you have the right to feel the way that you do, no matter what others may think. In an age of genre-blending and shapeshifting, Sarina is certainly a visionary.

Sometimes I Wanna Cry 🙁 is sure to be a hit and will help cement Sarina as one of the brightest stars in the emo-punk-rock scene.

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