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Rhye’s Michael Milosh Sues Alexa Nikolas’s Attorneys For Malicious Prosecution – Rolling Stone

Rhye’s Michael Milosh Sues Alexa Nikolas’s Attorneys For Malicious Prosecution – Rolling Stone

Michael Milosh of the R&B project Rhye has sued his ex-wife Alexa Nikolas’s attorneys for malicious prosecution, alleging that they knowingly filed a “frivolous” lawsuit that “lacked any legal basis or factual support” regarding allegations of sexual assault against Milosh.

Last year, Nikolas, an actor with credits on shows including Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, filed her initial suit against Milosh, but she dropped her lawsuit without prejudice (meaning it can be filed again later) in May. But as she told Rolling Stone in recent weeks, she plans on re-filing her suit soon. The new suit from Milosh, filed on August 30th, disputes several of the allegations Nikolas and her attorneys leveled in their initial suit, including claims that he groomed Nikolas. The suit also refers to sexual acts that Nikolas referenced in her suit as “consensual sex acts between Ms. Nikolas and Mr. Milosh when they were both married adults.”

“The allegations were, and still are, complete nonsense,” the suit said, also stating that the claims were “barred by a fully executed stipulated Judgment” both Nikolas and Milosh signed during their divorce proceedings. “Defendants knew about the Judgment and its preclusive effects. But that did not stop Defendants from filing the lawsuit, hiding the judgment from the Court, dragging Mr. Milosh’s name through the mud, and dismissing the lawsuit only after realizing that Mr. Milosh was not going to give in to their extortion.”

Milosh’s suit further alleges that Nikolas’ suit was dropped after entering discovery, after the defendants didn’t supply any evidence. The suit disputes other claims from Nikolas such as that he used nude photos of her for an album cover, and that he recorded audio of her moaning during sex to include in a song. In her initial suit, Nikolas claimed she didn’t consent for the photos of her to be used in public, and that he got the audio when she was “highly intoxicated and incapable of refusing.” Milosh claimed in his suit, however, that the images used were “in no way pornographic. They were artistic and were used as the album’s cover.” Regarding the audio, Milosh alleged that Nikolas “recorded herself voluntarily and it was she who suggested doing so as an artistic endeavor.”

While Nikolas’ suit was dropped in May, Nikolas has spent the past several months protesting sexual abuse in the music business through an advocacy group she started called Eat Predators. Among the companies she’s protested is Red Light Management, the management company representing Milosh. When contacted by Rolling Stone, Nikolas didn’t comment beyond noting that she plans on re-filing her suit against Milosh soon. (Red Light did not reply to a request for comment at the time.)

Milosh is asking for over $10 million in damages, suing the law firms Greenberg Gross and Gibbs Law as well as the individual attorneys from the firms who represented Nikolas in her suit. (Gibbs Law didn’t respond to request for comment. In a statement, Alan Greenberg, managing partner of Greenberg Gross, said that “Milosh’s case is completely baseless and will be thrown out of court in short order.”)