Home Featured Premiere: Office Culture Shares New Single “Little Reminders”

Premiere: Office Culture Shares New Single “Little Reminders”

Premiere: Office Culture Shares New Single “Little Reminders”

Premiere: Office Culture Shares New Single “Little Reminders”

Big Time Things Coming September 30th

Sep 07, 2022

Photography by Theo Cote

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Later this month, Brooklyn-based outfit Office Culture are back with their forthcoming third album, Big Time Things, arriving September 30th. Over the band’s last two albums, 2017’s I Did The Best I Could and 2019’s A Life of Crime, the band have traced a decadent mix of jazz, folk, soul, and singer/songwriter fare, drawing comparisons to everyone from Joni Mitchell to The Blue Nile and Steely Dan.

The band’s contemplative third record leads into a series of intimate vignettes, all centered on the songwriting of the band’s pianist and songwriter Winston Cook-Wilson and bolstered by standout contributions from drummer Pat Kelly, bassist Charlie Kaplan and guitarist Ian Wayne. Ahead of the record’s release the band have shared the album’s lead single, “Elegance,” followed by the album’s title track, and today they’re back with another new single, “Little Reminders,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Little Reminders” is an airy work of beauty, infused with strands of lush harmony, vintage orchestral arrangements, and the lilting feel of singer/songwriters like Sondre Lerche or Destroyer. The track sways within a sea of melancholic vocals, sun-lit strings, and contemplative keys, crafting a siren call into a haze of nostalgic memory. Meanwhile, the track’s lyrics are equally longing, surveying echoes of past dreams and relationships一“I thought those days were behind us/I catch those little reminders/I catch those little reminders/Those little reminders of our love.”

Cook-Wilson says of the track, “This is one of the oldest songs on the album and a personal favorite. It describes a feeling that recurs all the time for me and most people, I’m sure—a particular sense of déjà vu that instantly causes a sinking feeling in your stomach. You pass a landmark or overhear a phrase you used to use and suddenly feel—against your will—re-awakened to a past version of yourself. It can be a really devastating experience to reinhabit old hopes and dreams, even if it passes within a second. You think about what used to make you tick, and wonder how much you have really evolved since then.

The song also makes me think about the weight and stakes that we assign to people and transitional events in our lives, both in the moment and in hindsight—how we saddle people with significance and responsibility, sometimes unfairly, and gerrymander our past into invented mini-eras to make sense of where we’ve ended up.”

The track also features Alena Spanger, Caitlin Pasko and Carmen Rothwell on backing vocals and Ben Russell on violin (with an arrangement by Ryan El-Solh and Carmen Rothwell).

Check out the song and visualizer below. Big Time Things is out September 30th. Pre-order the album here.