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Premiere: Mallbangs Share New Single “You Can Have It All”


Premiere: Mallbangs Share New Single “You Can Have It All”

Checking For Daggers EP Is Out October 21st

Sep 12, 2022

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For a few years now, Atlanta has been home to a thriving indie scene with a handful of outfits like girlpuppy and Lunar Vacation beginning to make the jump to the national stage. Indie singer/songwriter Mallbangs (a.k.a. Aidy) may just be the next to join them, debuting last year with their EP, Put Me Out, produced by Grouplove’s Daniel Gleeson.

Next month, Aidy is once again collaborating with Gleeson on their latest EP, Checking For Daggers. They announced the record with its lead single, “New Face,” and today, Mallbangs are sharing another new single, “You Can Have It All,” premiering with Under the Radar.

After the distorted indie rock of the EP’s lead single, “You Can Have It All” is a more outwardly melancholic and introspective effort, bringing forth a shimmering acoustic sheen and a wounded vocal performance from Aidy. However, Mallbangs pairs this more plaintive approach with layers of lush piano melodies and a fuzz-laden guitar solo, and anchors the track with a drum part courtesy of Connor Dowd of Lunar Vacation. Meanwhile, the lyrics find Aidy caught in the pull of a magnetic attraction, begging “Go away/Go far away/Take it or leave it/You know what you are/You know how it ends/How it ends.”

Aidy says of the track, “You Can Have It All” is based on, and written around, the guitar riff chord progression you can hear in the bridge. I just could never figure out what to do with that part for what felt like forever – It was just like a loop I would constantly play to myself all the time. The lyrics just sort of stumbled out in the first verse, and they worked so I kept them. That rushed, anxious feeling was what I was trying to capture, I suppose. Wanting to desperately get away from someone or wanting to run away from it at the same time telling myself, ‘you know how it always ends.’”

Check out the song below. The Checking for Daggers EP is out October 21st.

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