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Premiere: Lindsay Clark Share New Single “Better Way”


Premiere: Lindsay Clark Share New Single “Better Way”

Carpe Noctem Coming June 24 via Audiosport Records

Jun 06, 2022

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Later this month, Portland-based folk singer/songwriter Lindsay Clark is set to return with her fourth full-length record, Carpe Noctem. Her latest record once again weaves together disparate threads of folk music into her own tapestry of lush and reflective acoustic gems. On the record, listeners can trace influences from diverse sources including The Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, classical music, Appalachian folk, and vintage singer/songwriters, all meeting in Clark’s music.

Clark has already teased the record this year with a pair of singles, “Roses In the Sky” and “Evening Star,” and today she’s back with another new release, “Better Way,” premiering with Under the Radar.

With “Better Way” Clark offers a sweet lullaby, bolstered by softly fingerpicked melodies, gorgeous symphonic arrangements, and crystalline vocals. But beneath the rich melodies, Clark also constructs a resonant and poetic examination of love and growth. Clark reflects on toxic and controlling forms of love and offers a promise to break the cycle of self-destruction brought on by painful relationships. She declares “I am not free for any use / Why do you want to take me from me?,” all while offering the listener a tender reminderー“Let yourself be loved in a better way.”

As Clark describes, “I wrote ‘Better Way’ about breaking karmic emotional cycles of self-betrayal. Years ago I was in a dysfunctional relationship dynamic with someone in the music community which became really strained, confusing, and manipulative. It was a painful experience in some ways but also a catalyst for looking at my own patterns of what kind of love I let myself receive. The song is a lullaby to myself, and anyone who has ever accepted less than they deserve. While it took a long time to complete, it became one of my favorite songs on the album, partly because of the string/wind arrangements my collaborator, Jeremy Harris (Devendra Banhart/Hand Habits) wrote for it. We both love classical music and 60s/70s baroque folk, artists like Judee Sill and Linda Perhacs, and he captured my vision perfectly.”

Check out the song and video below. Carpe Noctem is out June 24th via Audiosport Records.

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