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Premiere: Kuri Shares New Single “I Don’t Wanna Sing About Love”


Premiere: Kuri Shares New Single “I Don’t Wanna Sing About Love”

New LP I Love You, You’re Welcome Coming October 21 via Nevado Music

Sep 13, 2022

Photography by Camille Candia

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Scott Currie debuted under the moniker Kuri back in 2018, releasing his first EP, Human Nature. Since then, he released his 2019 debut record, No Village, and began diving into the world of film scoring. However, like many other artists, pandemic isolation drove Kuri inwards on his forthcoming sophomore record, I Love You, You’re Welcome.

As he describes, the album is a document of transformation. Currie explains, “I was writing these songs to a past self, realizing that I’ve been living in a way that is hidden and not fully authentic or fulfilling. It’s not all nice transitions. Sometimes it’s looking at unhealthy things.” In the record’s insular soundscapes, listeners can hear echoes of Bon Iver, Brian Eno, and Animal Collective, with Kuri steadily treading new territory even as he retains a warm accessibility, capturing both transformation and familiar beauty.

Kuri has already shared the record’s lead single, “Collider,” and today he’s back with another track, “I Don’t Wanna Sing About Love,” premiering early with Under the Radar.

“I Don’t Wanna Sing About Love” expertly captures Kuri’s mix of earworm pop melodies and adventurous soundcraft, combining the two for a gem that is full of lush melodies and dreamy allure. The track opens with sampled audio clips and a gorgeous mix of horns, quickly giving way to dreamy synths and languid melodies, driven by winding offbeat rhythms. The track’s underlying melancholic undertones take to the forefront as the track swells into a hook-laden chorus, contrasting the sweeping melodic highs with a quiet desolation.

As Kuri explains, “‘I Don’t Wanna Sing About Love’ is about hiding from the consequences of our actions. We participate, we harm, and we seek to distance ourselves from the impacts we have on the world around us.

Singing ‘I Don’t Wanna Sing About Love’ is pointing to that fear of guilt. It can be hard for people to appreciate and engage with these realities – people want to think they’re inherently good – so they end up running away, still inflicting wounds in the process.”

Check out the song and video below. I Love You, You’re Welcome is coming October 21st via Nevado Music.

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