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Premiere: Joy Weather Shares New Single “Run To You”


Premiere: Joy Weather Shares New Single “Run To You”

Listen to the Track Below

Aug 18, 2022

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LA-based indie rock trio Joy Weather made their debut in 2016 under the moniker Royce before reforming as Joy Weather in 2019. In 2020, the band shared their debut self-titled album, and they have since been teasing new music over the past year, most recently returning with their playful 2000s-inspired single, “She Doesn’t Have A Clue.” Today, the band are back with another new track, “Run To You,” premiering with Under the Radar.

With “Run To You,” the band delivers a breezy indie pop delight, bursting with upbeat energy and easygoing charm. Frontman Brian Ishiba’s vocals and guitar bring the track a bright melodic sheen while bassist Ed Baida and drummer Joey Grabmeier inject it with a dose of tight power pop rhythms. Together, the band moves effortlessly between introspection, longing, and freewheeling abandon, capturing it all in a rush of sing-along summer joy. The lyrics see Ishiba dreaming of an imagined love before coming crashing back down to earth, balancing sweeping romanticism and heartache in equal measure一“To leave this all behind/And run to you as if I had nothing to gain or lose/But you’re gone/And we’ve grown on/I guess I didn’t love you as much as I had thought.”

Ishiba says of the track, “‘Run to You’ is a high energy summer rock encapsulation of the tug between the emotional and rational parts of your brain. It’s about waking up from a dream where exactly what you wanted to happen happens, and juxtaposing that with the reality of the situation all over a straight-ahead, huge rock chorus. In this specific dream, I dreamt that a friend of mine who I had a bit of a crush on was about to tell me that they liked me. Before they did, I woke up and it was time to go to work.

At first, my thought was, ‘oh man what if I had stayed in Japan’ or ‘what if I could/did pack everything up and go’, but in a sort of romanticized way and not actually thinking about it. Then the pragmatic part of my brain came online and I let go of the daydream. I think the core of the song emotionally is: having that initial romantic impulse to make a huge decision/gesture, but then ultimately listening to the rational/pragmatic part of your brain. Noticing when that switch happens to me is what ‘Run to You’ is about.”

Check out the song early below.

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