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Placing the learner at the center

Placing the learner at the center

Educator Dr. Amber Howard is dedicated to using fair and effective learning methods for students.    

“The traditional time-based education system requires measuring students using standardized assessments,” said Howard, assistant professor of education at Missouri State University. “But there is no classroom that has all standardized students.”  

When Howard taught elementary school in 2015, she began using elements of an alternative education system called competency-based learning (CBL).  

With the support of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Success Ready Student Network (SRSN) is advancing the development of CBL. The SRSN is a collaborative initiative that provides support for Missouri public schools using CBL. 

MSU’s College of Education (COE) was the first university to participate in the SRSN’s Collaborative Network Zone, an initiative that helps educators statewide implement CBL.  

What is CBL? 

Competency-based learning is a system that personalizes education for all students.  

“CBL places students at the center of learning,” Howard said. “It humanizes education in ways traditional systems fail to do.” 

Students make decisions about…

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