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On Summer of Sound and what’s up at XRAY / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music



By TOM D’ANTONI // Bobby Smith is Archivist/Producer at Albina Music Trust. They’re having a “Summer of Sound” festival. He’s also a DJ at XRAY and he has some news about that.

Hey. I have recovered enough from the back surgery to make it over to my desk and start a whole new round of Coffeeshop Conversations episodes via Skype and other methods.

I hope to be sitting in the Artichoke Café in another month. I said hope to.

I know that today our guest is Bobby Smith, XRAY radio DJ (and he’ll make some news about that). He’s archivist for the Albina Music Trust who, along with World Arts Foundation will be presenting a series of concerts and discussions and spoken word events all over town this summer. They’re calling it Summer of Sound.

It’s a celebration of Portland’s Black music…past and present.

We’ll find out all about that and all of Bobby’s fine work.

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