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NCT Dream’s Chenle Reveals That He Invited SEVENTEEN’s Jun To “THE DREAM SHOW 2”, Only To Forget To Save Him A Ticket


SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and The8 went to NCT Dream‘s THE DREAM SHOW 2 concert in Seoul to show their support. While their appearance was a testament to their strong friendship with Chenle and Renjun, the story behind their attendance is more hilarious than heartwarming.

During Chenle’s livestream on Weibo, Chenle first shared his thankfulness towards Jun and The8 for coming before sharing how there was an amusing story between Jun and him because of this concert.

Chenle | @onlyjunhui/Twitter

When THE DREAM SHOW 2 was rescheduled, Chenle reached out to Jun and invited him to come. After making sure that Jun could make it back on time after the North American leg of SEVENTEEN’s BE THE SUN world tour, the two assumed that Jun’s attendance would be guaranteed.

However, when Chenle texted Jun on the first day of the Seoul concert, he realized that he had made a big mistake.

Chenle had forgotten to reserve a ticket for Jun ahead of time! He confessed that he wouldn’t have remembered if Jun hadn’t asked him if he had saved a ticket.

With less than a day until the last day of the Seoul concert, Chenle quickly asked his manager if there were any tickets left that he could reserve for Jun. Things initially looked grim as his manager replied that there was no guarantee.

Luckily, there were still a few tickets remaining, and Chenle rushed to share the good news with Jun, only to be struck by reality once again. It wasn’t just Jun that he had invited to the concert; he had also asked The8 to come to the show a couple of months prior!

Thankfully, Chenle was also able to get a ticket for The8, letting the ticketing fiasco end on a high note. Of course, Jun didn’t forget to cutely complain about Chenle’s carelessness to Mark, with Chenle giggling on the sidelines.

You can read more about Jun and Chenle’s chaotic friendship here (Chenle isn’t the only one who forgets things in their relationship):

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