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Namgoong Min and Park Jin Woo Make An Unstoppable Duo In Upcoming Drama “One Dollar Lawyer”


SBS’s upcoming drama has revealed new stills of Namgoong Min and Park Jin Woo!

“One Dollar Lawyer” will star Namgoong Min as Cheon Ji Hoon, a lawyer who only charges an attorney’s fee of 1,000 won (approximately $0.75) despite his renowned skills. A hero who comes to the rescue of clients without money or connections, Cheon Ji Hoon isn’t afraid of facing off against the rich and powerful who use expensive lawyers to escape the law. Park Jin Woo will be playing Sa Moo Jang, a legal assistant who is the John Watson to Cheon Ji Hoon’s Sherlock Holmes.

In the still, Cheon Ji Hoon looks charismatic in a luxurious three-piece suit with his stylish permed hair, while Sa Moo Jang looks comfortable in a simple outfit, resembling a grumpy uncle in the neighborhood. The contrasting attires of these two characters are strangely harmonious. Moreover, they have the same facial expression and posture, which foreshadow their perfect chemistry as business partners.

In another photo, Cheon Ji Hoon and Sa Moo Jang are sitting close to each other on a sofa. The two are reading a comic book with serious expressions as if they are examining a case. Viewers are curious to find out what kind of chemistry Cheon Ji Hoon and Sa Moo Jang will portray as they take on the cases of clients without money or connections.

“One Dollar Lawyer” will premiere on September 23 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

See another side of Namgoong Min in “The Veil” below:

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