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Mr Blobby joins Self Esteem on stage at Hammersmith gig


Self Esteem was joined by quite the special guest at her Hammersmith Apollo gig in London tonight (March 17) – watch her welcome Mr Blobby to the stage below.

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In the show’s encore during her track ‘The Best’, Rebecca Lucy Taylor welcomed the ’90s childhood icon on stage, who proceeded to shred a guitar and dance with Taylor and her band.

Discussing the time she met Mr Blobby while appearing on The Big Breakfast, Taylor told NME last year: “It doesn’t get better than that, does it? That day when I met Mr Blobby… I don’t need anything else now. You know they used to put the voice on it? The vocoder? Obviously they didn’t have that, so the guy in the suit was trying not to make any noise. When I hugged him he’d just be like, ‘blobby blobby’ in a normal man’s voice. Poor guy.”

Asked what the pink and yellow icon was like, she replied: “Sexy, sort of interesting, shorter than you think!”

Watch Mr Blobby join Self Esteem in London below. Ahead of the show, he shared photos of himself outside the gig on Instagram and wrote: “I’ve got my shirt and my VIP tickets!! I can’t wait to watch my favourite…

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