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Mac DeMarco says he finds TikTok’s influence on the music industry “very depressing”


Mac DeMarco has commented on TikTok‘s influence on the music industry, saying he finds it “very depressing”.

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DeMarco’s comments came in an interview with Variety about his new instrumental album, ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’, in which he was asked whether he was grateful to have broken through in the time before TikTok. Although he said that his songs tend to do well on the platform, he said it found it “strange” that artists sometimes write music that’s engineered for TikTok success, or think going viral on there is how they can best make money.

“It’s very depressing. I think that that’s the problem is artists have slipped into this role of like, “Well, I do need those things.” You don’t… but if you want to make money I guess you do,” he said. “I was always of the ilk of make what you want to make, and if money comes afterward, it’s a bonus.

“A lot of my songs actually do quite well on TikTok, but I never had to think about, ‘Well this should sound pretty good sped up!’ At the same time… what do people say? Get that bag, or whatever? Live your life however you want to live your life, I don’t give a fuck,” he continued.

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