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Lunay’s Sound Keeps Evolving with Age – Billboard


Lunay’s youthful charisma and catchy melodies make him one to watch, and as the new releases keep flowing, fans are on the edge of their seats anticipating what’s to come next from the breakout urbano star. El Niño, the Puerto Rican artist’s sophomore album, released in May 2021, captures the sonic evolution of the young star’s transition from boyhood to manhood, exploring ballads, rap, and perreo hits, featuring cameos from Anitta, Chanell, and Zion (of Zion y Lennox) to name a few.


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Honda and Billboard teamed up to highlight the rising star and his growing catalog, to create a unique stage for “Bandida.” The funk fare track produced by Came Beats and Gaby Music is the latest project from the 21-year-old Puerto Rican. Both figuratively and literally, the track opens with a spotlight on the artist, who is soon accompanied by a bandida; a metaphorical embodiment of female strength and fierceness. The crooner sings: Tá en la tuya, tira’ puya, pero yo sé cómo hacerte caer/Y no te mienta’, baby, que ya nadie e’ fiel (Fiel), flirtatiously riding over a syncopated synth and subtle piano cadence, before being joined by two backup dancers to march out the ballad.

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