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LISTEN: Knock2 Turns Up The Heat With Sophomore EP ‘ROOM202’


If you’ve been looking for an artist with the drive to change the shape of dance music, look no further than Knock2. His infamous Brownies and Lemonade hosted show ROOM202 (Live from Los Angeles) showed off his ability to throw down a non-stop party with crazy energy levels that the crowd couldn’t get enough of, and today we’ve been blessed with his ROOM202 EP. Inspired by the electro era of the 2010s, Knock2 captures the same infectious energy of his live shows and manages to create an infectious sonic wonderland of bangers that hit harder with each listen.

Take Knock2’s advice and listen to his ROOM202 EP to enjoy the absolute magic his EP brings below.

Knock2 – ROOM202 | Stream


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‘LISTEN: Knock2 Turns Up The Heat…

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